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RACS Annual Scientific Congress 2018: Neurosurgery Section – Dr Johnny Wong was an Invited Speaker at Masterclass: Neurovascular

The 87th Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress, held jointly with the ANZCA (Australia-New Zealand College of Anaesthesia), was convened at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. This was a high-anticipated event on the RACS calendar, and the Neurosurgery program was organised by Prof Marcus Stoodley, and attended by internationally acclaimed invited speakers, including Dr Henry Marsh (UK) and Prof Wouter Shievink (USA). Dr Johnny Wong was an invited speaker at the Neurosurgery Masterclass: Neurovascular on 9th May, 2018. His lecture was titled: “Choosing between open and endovascular approaches.” The section included other renown cerebrovascular neurosurgeons: Prof Michael Morgan, with talk titled: “Technical Tips in AVM surgery”, Prof Wouter Shievink: “Technical Tips in Aneurysm surgery”, and Prof Marcus Stoodley: “Technical Tips in Bypass surgery.” The emphasis of Dr Wong’s talk was the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach, with recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of both open and endovascular approaches to neurovascular conditions, with focus on aneurysm management. While endovascular procedures may be performed by interventional neuroradiologists / neurologists, Neurosurgery as a specialty should be the main team involved in the overall care of aneurysm patients, particularly in the setting of subarachnoid haemorrhage.