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Our Practice

Eminence Neurosurgery strives to provide optimal care for any patient with a neurosurgical condition. We have a vision of offering compassionate and outstanding care through the application of current clinical knowledge and the latest surgical techniques.

Our practice offers services for an extensive range of neurosurgical disorders (See Conditions), including:

  • Cranial conditions, such as brain tumours, CSF circulation disorders and head trauma.
  • Spinal conditions, such as disc prolapse, sciatica and back & neck.
  • Neurovascular conditions, such as brain aneurysms, AVMs and strokes.
  • Neuralgia and Peripheral Nerve conditions, such as trigeminal neuralgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Eminence Neurosurgery applies endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques to reduce the recovery time associated with surgery. It has particular expertise in cerebrovascular surgery, as well as endovascular (also known as neuro-interventional) surgery.

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Eminence Neurosurgery has the following core values:

  • Empathy: Offering compassionate care that understands and responds to the individual patient’s needs.
  • Integrity: Delivering health care with honesty, equity and truth.
  • Endeavour: Committed to advancing the knowledge, understanding and treatment of neurosurgical conditions.
  • Clinical Excellence: Striving to improve on patient outcomes and maintaining excellent levels of care.